Servey or Hatchway Fire Curtains

All made to your drawings specifications.

All non standard sizes made to within 5mm of your specifications.

Slim, lightweight, easy to install and made to measure sizes.

2 hour fire resistance.

Sealed to prevent the passage of fire or smoke.

24V operation with battery backup.

Static Curtains

Specific fabrics to suit the requirements of the application.

Variation of fixings from self tapping screws through galvanised mild steel angle to steel clips that are specifically designed to retain the curtain in place.

Bottom pocket hems are used to contain the steel rod which aids the stability of the curtain.


Automatic Fire Curtains

Single roller systems, up to 6 metres wide, have been certified to BS: 476 Part 22 and have a rating of 120 minutes at 1000 degrees Celsius.

Overlapping rollers have a rating of 120 minutes at 1000 degrees Celsius.

Fire curtains can provide 30 metres of continuous fire containment in single spans using overlapping curtains.

No intermediate supports, columns or centre posts are needed.

Option to drop in stages (split drop delay) to provide progressive smoke containment.

Split drop delay functions can provide temporary means of escape and are therefore a critical life safety requirement.

Control Panels (CP) are necessary to control the motors and coordinate all functions of the curtain and to relate to the fire / smoke alarm system.

Smoke Curtains

The fabric used for 1 hour fire rated curtains is generally used for smoke curtains.

They can be either static or automatically controlled.

The smoke curtains may not be installed with side guides as there is a tolerance allowed around the edges through which smoke may seep.

The overlapping of one motorised curtain against another is used to cover larger expanses.

The curtain is retained together with the overlapping and also that of a steel rod fed through the bottom pocket.


Fail Safe Option

Our battery back up smoke and fire curtains are designed to close down the openings when activated by a fire signal.

Special units which are designed to be gravity fail safe, even without any power in the building, the backup batteries will not only allow the curtains to fall once the required signal has been received but also in a total power failure.