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Our Skills & Expertise

Om Fire Curtains has become one of the leading suppliers of certificated fire and smoke curtains in India to date. Our service sectors include hospitals, shopping malls, airports, leisure complex, hotels, train stations to name but a few. We also supply the new generation of insulated fire curtains too. Our CoolZoneTM Curtains withstand vast temperatures on one side yet keep the opposite side relatively cool by comparison. Coolzone curtains do not get hot up to 1 hour in case of fire. Our ZigZagTM Fire and smoke curtains are another worlds first too. Traditional fire curtains are limited by the fact that they need supporting side guides to make them effective in a fire but this is where the ZigZagTM fire curtain comes into its own. Zig Zag design enables a fire curtain to literally weave its way around obstacles as it does not need side guides for it to be effective in a fire. This design is a world first and is designed by and is registered to Om Fire Curtains

Why Us ?

We offer a 30-45 day turn around time on production.

We have installation teams that are IPAF trained so you know your fire or smoke curtain will be professionally installed and maintained

All our smoke and fire curtains are independently tested wither by Warrington or Chiltern Fire and are fully certified.

We are continually investing in research and development to stay ahead in our very competitive industry. The newest addition to our portfolio Is the Zig-Zag fire curtains

Our fire and smoke curtains maintenance packages offer three levels of security and cover.

View Our Certificate. Om Hospi-Equip and Services Private Limited ROHS

View Our Certificate. Om Hospi-Equip and Services Private Limited CE

View Our Certificate. Om Agencies ISO 9001:2008

View Our Certificate. Om Hospi-Equip and Services Pvt Ltd ISO 9001:2008

Our Solutions

OM fire curtains can create fire and smoke containment solutions for virtually any building and with drops of 12mts or more.

All design works are carried out in house by our team of specialists who can work with your Architects to take your fire and smoke curtain project from start to finish.

Our Services

Initial valuation of individual requirements

The full design

Drafting of technical specifications

Liason with fire control consultants

Engineers, Architects, Contractors


Installation, Commissioning and Complete Maintenance Scheduling

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